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    Stunning game, well worth the purchase.
 2019-09-11 16:39
Reviews of the game THE UNCLEARNESS from other forums:

1. You rarely find high-quality noir, not on TV, but in the game ... I wouldn?t say that it?s just hard, like everything on all 100, but on 85 from 100 it pulls. Orphic Games managed on 80% in the full implementation of THE UNCLEARNESS in the game, and even more so if we consider that this is a very young indie team consisting of two developers, then at once there are no shortcomings about the shortcomings, because you understand that guys everything will be fixed in further episodes. In general, passed quickly, everything is beautiful, I want more. I am waiting for the continuation!

2. The game is trying to create some kind of emotional connection between the GG and the player, but for five minutes of swinging it on a swing it is difficult.

3. I recently bought the game ?The Unclearness? on the Orphic games website for 8 $, I saw it on steam for 10 $. They're worth it. Awesome graphics, the plot delays from the first minutes, I want to play and play)) For a long time I have not played with such pleasure. They say the second part is coming soon, as soon as possible!

Download THE UNCLEARNESS: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1102720/THE_UNCLEARNESS/
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