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 2019-04-07 09:27
Just after the beginning of the autumn, our group of people, riding the early autumn of the north, in the wilderness that is eager for harvest, greet the sweet and fruitful fruit, stepping on the ancient Buddha's path, flying with devout hearts to the ancient times, flying to the holy land in the hope. Mount Wutai, the golden mountain of Wutai Mountain, is the King Kong and Wisdom Mountain respected by Buddhists all over the world. Wutai Mountain is the first of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. It is located in the northeastern part of Shanxi Province. It consists of a series of mountains and peaks. Among them, five peaks, the mountains are majestic, surrounded by a circle, with a radius of 250 kilometers and a total area of ??592.88 square kilometers. It is called "Four Famous Mountains of Chinese Buddhism" together with Zhejiang Putuo Mountain, Anhui Jiuhua Mountain and Sichuan Emei Mountain. Known as "Golden Wutai, Yin Emei, Tong Putuo, Tiejiuhua", Wutai Mountain and Nepal Lumbini Garden Newport Menthol Shorts, Indian Luyeyuan, Bodh Gaya, and Zang Naga are called the world's five major Buddhist shrines Marlboro Red 100 Carton. Wutai Mountain is Buddhism. In the place where the incense is the most prosperous and the most wishful, the Wuye Temple can learn, seek fortune, and seek luck. People, quietly think about it, knowing that these are things that are not reliable, but the psychological needs to be quiet, you need to find a place to live, ask for Buddha, make a wish, let the soul be comforted, this is also a kind of enjoyment, one Self-liberation, relaxation of the mind and body. Those judgments are right and wrong. This is not, we walked into this temple to follow the Master, and we learned to do it. Regardless of whether there is demand or not, we always feel that the soul is on a platform, taking a circle and thinking about the inner expectation, so that the restless heart can calm down. It is also a force for social harmony. It is a positive energy thing that erupts! We also listen and do it. When we go to this wash, we must bow slightly when we worship Buddha. It is not an outward pursuit, but a self-development. So, I have to bow my head, so the government first returned Newport Box 100S Carton. Our buddha nature, with all the light, wisdom and blessings, but blinded by greed, jealousy, idiots, slowness, doubts and other dark clouds of garbage, the development of humility and virtue, can open the dark clouds, now its own Buddha is bright and auspicious. How intimate is the rule, knowing why you should affix your head when you worship Buddha, that is, you must completely let go of the "arrogance" troubles and the selfish confession, in order to fit the Buddha's way. When the man stands, he accepts the chin and puts his face on the face of the Buddha. When the person looks out, the chin will unconsciously lift up and can't see himself. When he receives the chin, he can return to himself. He takes six photos. If he is busy all day, he will react. The stimuli, chasing the outside world without conscious, will be lost. The Buddha has the "heavy jaw" phase, that is, the phase of the chin, not to go out, to pursue all. This is to teach us how to be a person, publicity is a curse, holding a tail and being a man is a blessing to follow the mage, pilgrimage, palms and shoulders, he put down. Put down your troubles, sorrows, and tensions. If you have a heart, your shoulders will rise. The shoulders are relaxed, and at the same time, the mourning is also put down, and Wan Yuan puts down and is full of heart and mind. Then he kneels down, but there is a blame for saying that you have to give up the fundamental attachment and completely ruin the fundamental troubles. Just as the "Shouyan Yanjing" cloud: "Crazy heart pause, rest is Bodhi", sit relaxed, mad heart rest. It is for you to change your mind to meet the light of the Buddha, and to support the Buddha with your own heart and without reservation. Try to flatten your palms up and don't tilt, indicating that your heart is calm. Hands are like lotus, heart blossoms. The fingers are soft and tidy, because the state of mind is relaxed, and the inner strength of the body emerges from the heart. Reaching out to meet the Buddha, you must be back to the dust, clear and clear, and correspond to the Buddha. Keep the first line of the government respectful, humble in the end, and correspond to the Buddha. Sitting still and not moving, all the way to see the heart, the mind is stable, not moving. It��s so happy to pull the shoulders apart! I gently clenched my fists, accepted the Buddha��s light, received Buddhism, and received joy and trust. It is so common to give peace to the whole. The whole ceremony is a process of exercising the body and honing the mind and physiology. For example, the process of worship, the head, the heart, the whole body and the sole of the foot are almost flattened, the spine joint is opened, and the cerebrospinal fluid is smoothly reflowed. . When you are squatting, the lower body is close to the heart, and the blood does not need to consume a lot of energy when it returns to the heart. The spine arches back to the back, does not compress the abdominal cavity, the large blood vessels in front of the spine, and the blood flow resistance is small, so that the blood supply to the abdomen and lower limbs is rich. Such a miraculous feeling, lamenting the wisdom of the predecessors, the intention of the ruling class, is the survival of a dynasty for hundreds of years, no matter how poor the situation is, you must earn enough silver two, over the mountains, long distances wading through the mountains, going to worship The "Buddha" that does not exist in the sacrifice. This is the spiritual sustenance, the belief that has not changed so far. We walked through the Nantai, Xitai, Zhongtai, Beitai and Dongtai of Wutai Mountain, and the Gongfeng of Wutaili sang the talents of Manjushri Marlboro 100S Carton. We prayed to worship each temple devoutly, silently wishing to mind the thoughts in the introduction of the tour guide, we have a preliminary understanding of Wutai Mountain. The original five is the five peaks! Also known as Taiwan. Dongtai famous Haifeng, 2795 meters above sea level, on the top of the Dongtai steaming cloud bath day, cool and clear autumn, east look Mingxia, such as the mirror. Nantai is 2,485 meters above sea level. The peaks are towering, the smoke is green, the flowers are bright, the millennium is covered, and the colorful is colorful. It is named ��Jinxiu Peak��. Xitai is called Hangyue Peak, with an elevation of 2,773 meters. The top of the platform is like a palm. Whenever the moon shines high, the mountain springs are quite poetic, and the moon falls to the peak. Zhongtai is Cuiyan Peak, also known as Pingding Mountain. It is 2894 meters above sea level and is located in the center of the four stations of East, West, South and North. It is also the ancestor of the four sets of hair. Beitai, also known as Yedoufeng, is 3,058 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak among the Wutai Mountains and the highest point in North China. It is known as the "North China Roof". Every visit is a kind of spiritual enjoyment. Seeing the men and women who walked along the way, young and old, they braved the heavy rain and crawled hard on the hillside Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. This spirit is a singer! Spiritual wealth is more important than matter, though Very tired, but my heart is warm.
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