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    never sit idly by
 2019-04-19 03:59
never sit idly by. My younger son has a business friend. Other inconveniences are introduced. He is Mr. Ye Zaixin, who is 60 years old this year. I estimate that his family property is nearly 100 million. He is an asset Owner, Jiujiu and Asset Management Company, Jiujiu Gold Fund Management Company, Jiujiu Creek Tourism Service Company, Jiujiu Yunmu Trading Co., Ltd., Xiamen Yimao Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Philippine Guanghua International Travel Company. His title is not yet stated, he does not know what his identity, he sent a business card to me, he greeted me as a guest. Don't look at him in his 60s, his body is very good, his face is full of spring, he is very kind, knowing geography under the astronomy, knowing people and his hobbies, wood and stone, Mr. Ye is a cheerful and generous person, is a very refreshing person. It��s a bit unconstrained, talking about the mountains, the head is the road, there is a kind of economist��s mind Free Newport Carton, and the thoughts are clear. My little son doesn't know how to make friends. I don't know that we are so close to each other. Now we will have tea together. Today, he invited our family to Jimei to drink tea at his home. On the island, we have been to have had a cup of tea. The family outside the island has never been to the United States. This is the case with people, friends, and don��t want to be kind, and life is hard to know. We still arrived at his home on the island at 9 in the morning. He led the way in front of me and my car took his sister along. Arrived at Jimei, the car also traveled for half an hour. His new home is a factory building with seven floors covering an area of ??7,000-8,000 square meters. The first floor is the storefront Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes, there is a good room floor rented to others to open the factory, to do the hat company. I asked Mr. Ye, how much the building is worth, he said more than 30 million. Mr. Ye works on the sixth floor and there is no elevator. We finally got to the sixth floor. This hall is estimated to be 600/700 square meters. The whole area is filled with his life and hobbies. All are imported from Thailand and the Philippines. Such as: Buddha, various animals, tigers, eagle, Guan Gong, etc., as well as Kemu more than 20 cm long table. The Taishi chair is finely crafted and looks for opportunities to sell. I am inquiring about him, and it is expensive to work. He said: There are 30 million capitals here. We sit at the tea table and quietly drink tea. He took back the white jade tea machine and asked me to drink tea. I don't know if he said the truth. He said: He did not come out with his good friend. He respected my seniors. When my nobles came out to receive me for the first time. I also brought out a good tea with Tieguanyin, worth 1,000 yuan, and the customer gave it to my younger son. The cashews brought back by the Philippines, everyone is not happy. I am excerpting this section of economic views Mr Cheap Newports Online Free Shipping. Ye��s high opinion is for reference only. He lamented that we have 70% of the 27-year-old leftover women in China, who can't marry, and there are many who are not high. Many of them wish to live forever. A person came to the world, gave birth to a child, and his own life, got the inheritance, and he couldn��t help but fall to the earth. Hate in the world, one hundred years later, a world of a cup of loess, there is a person who remembers the soul that was once in the world. Unconsciously, time is up to noon, we say goodbye, Mr. Ye and his wife have repeatedly stayed for a meal, we thank them for their hospitality, the first floor of the house is the Hakka chef restaurant. We went downstairs, this restaurant is not big, more than 20 square meters, there are three boxes, and we have six round tables in the box. Mr. Ye ordered a few dishes, the large green vegetables produced in the mountain alpine cloud Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping, no pollution, tender, sweet and fresh big bamboo shoots Super Cheap Cigarette. The oil is cooked with yam yam, stone fish, and dried bamboo shoots. Mr. Ye was very happy. After the meal, Mr. Ye sent us to the car. We waved (thank you) and slowly left. I stared in the window, Mr. Ye was still staring at us, the fate of love, the love of love, everything in the world is fate.
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