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    I love singing,
 2019-06-04 04:34
I love singing, I am not real, I am not true to me. I am not true to me. In fact, I am a timid child. What is timid? What is timid? It��s a mouse, so I will give it to my naughty and naughty brother, called the coward I, dressed up, no, it��s outdated. I, dressed neatly? No, it��s messy. My shortcomings are very much, it is not convenient to say. I am always superstitious, what gods, ghosts... there are many more! Let me be more careful, that is, with thick black hands and thin shoulders, I can say that my hands are not crystal white, nor ruddy. The round, not even white and delicate, so good. The thick black hand can be compared to the tongs. Although I can write a good word, but I can't go anywhere, how much I admire the hands of others, how gentle and white. My hair is my best, and of course it is the crane hair. "Small, not small, come over!" I can't be sad to hear this kind of ironic and ridiculous voice? Who told me to be so thin, so small? My body is really thin and thin! It's not the kind of wind that can't help but at least can withstand the sand! My? Full of thoughts, doubts Marlboro Red, and childish fantasies, but don't underestimate me! I am not so small, I don��t really share it. In fact, I still have the rich imagination of the poet Li Bai. Whenever I encounter a small setback, I will rack my brains and think about it before I think about it. Although I am so hard to think about it. But when there is also a distraction, just think about it and think of McDonald's. But sometimes "God" will help me, make me think like a spring, see, say that my superstition is superstition, me! The most important shortcoming is that I am afraid of ghosts, I know no ghosts, but I have heard a lot The ghost story, so horrible! The whole body has already scared the goose bumps~~ Every day before I go to sleep Cigarettes Online, I will look at the window with a worried look, because there are many ghost stories I have heard. It��s all about a horrible woman who is screaming out from the window, and then it��s... ah, horrible, I��ve already lost my mind. Except for windows, computers and TVs, I am most afraid of the place where ghosts are haunted Marlboro Lights. On several nights, I suddenly woke up from my nightmare. I accidentally looked out the window. All the households had already entered a sweet dream. There was a horrible wind in the window. "Hog... I Suddenly sweating all over the body, shaking and shaking, I suddenly rushed out of the urine, so I whipped up a bit of brilliance and got up from the bed, slammed step by step to the toilet, oh, how cold it is! Is this not? In the winter season, how to do it, it won��t be a ghost. If I think about it, I will close the door urgently. As a result, the light will be shut down. I once again shook my feet in fear and hurriedly opened the door. I hurriedly bumped into the east and ran back to the bed in the west. After the ghost encounter, I was obviously scared. I was completely scared. I actually insisted that this is a ghost. I It feels like... There are many hands that stretch out to me. The front mirror seems to have a "front comb, back comb, left comb, right comb" echoing in my ear, I am close Eyes, I hope to fall asleep quickly, and the result is that the next morning in the horror, I followed a strange smell Looking straight into the past, I found the refrigerator. When I opened the refrigerator, a cold wind rushed to me. When I closed the door, the lights went out, and there was a strange smell! Oh Newport Cigarettes, I understand, I used to put the refrigerator. When the toilet entered, it was really shameful. Behold, this superstition can make my whole person tremble Cheap Cigarettes, when can I be bolder!
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